For those who have this coverage through their employer, it is essential to contact an experienced long term disability lawyer as soon as possible after becoming disabled. The process and paperwork are extremely complicated, and one mistake or missed deadline could result in denial of benefits. Don’t wait until after benefits have been denied, contact an experienced Martin Law long term disability lawyer right away.

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Understanding Long-Term Disability

Long-term disability insurance coverage pays a disabled individual a percentage of their pre-disability income and provides financial help to meet daily living expenses. It may be offered to employees by their employer, or purchased separately by the employee. It provides coverage when the employee is disabled and as a result, is unable to work.

The Difference Is In The Policy Details

With long-term disability coverage, the insurance policy will dictate what happens with the insurance claim. Every plan and policy is different. Employees should obtain a copy of their long-term disability group insurance plan or individual policy. It will provide key information about the scope of coverage and the timelines for benefits.


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Questions About Long-Term Disability?

Our attorneys provide answers regarding long-term disability such as how it works, doctors, the long-term disability appeals process and long-term disability (LTD) litigation.

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Employer-Provided Coverage vs. Privately Purchased: Claims are Handled Differently

When long-term disability insurance is obtained through the employer, the claim is typically governed by a complex set of federal laws known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). ERISA imposes strict guidelines for the filing and processing of a disability claim. If the employee purchased coverage apart from the employer, under state law Martin attorneys can help bring a breach of contract claim against the insurer. We will work to secure the coverage the employee paid for and is entitled to under the policy. If you must file a long-term disability claim, Martin Law can assist you at any point in the process; from application for benefits, to the administrative appeals process, to litigation.

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