If you suffer from a medical condition connected to your military service, you may be eligible for VA disability compensation. Unfortunately, it is alarmingly common for veterans to be denied VA compensation benefits they deserve. If you are in this situation, you are left with the choice of accepting the determination or starting the appeals process.

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Requirements For VA Compensation Benefits

It may be quite difficult to prove your VA compensation case, but the VA begins with some general eligibility requirements:

Some disabilities, like arthritis, do not necessarily have a direct link to an event during military service. In these cases, the veteran’s best chance for successfully recovering VA compensation is to offer medical proof that the disability manifested within one year of discharge.

If there is no event linked to the disability or no evidence that the condition manifested within one year of discharge, VA compensation benefits will likely be denied.

Adjusting VA Compensation

Any veteran living with disabilities knows that there are “good days” and “bad days,” but many people’s conditions gradually worsen. When there is evidence that a military-related condition has become more severe over time, the veteran may be eligible for an increase in VA compensation benefits through a ratings adjustment. This is particularly critical when unemployability is at issue.

Our law firm helps veterans with appeals in the VA disability process, including VA disability hearings.

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